Variability in learners

When it comes to variability in learners, all principles and foundations in this regard pops into the mind. Things such as “Learners learn in different ways” or “All individuals are unique in how they learn”. It also fully embraces the idea of UDL (Universal Design Learning), which is quite true.

However, to me, it is more than that!

A learner is an individual in regards to UDL. Having said that, different learners when in a group, all aiming at a specific destination. A little elaboration on that would be an analogy around a bunch of motorcyclists! Well, they may ride different bikes, however, are heading up to particular locations (in most cases).

As an educator, I am concern about the type of learners I am facing any time entering a new class. But, I am not too much picky about it, as we all going to the same place. Let’s enjoy the experience happens!

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