Complex Yet Simple!

What is seen in the feature image, is a complex pattern of Persian letters and words in various color and size done by the author; so-called Calli-Painting (Calligraphy plus Painting). In spite of representing complexity, it conveys a simple meaning: Repetition*.

The simplicity resides in the nature of repeating letters and words. The technique has essentially been developed to the limit where everything turns into a complicated element when gets repeated.

But, how would this be connected to education, or even, design education? Well, the answer is simple, makes it reverse!

Let’s elaborate on this. In explanation of the Calli-Painting above, the move begins from simplicity and ends in complexity only by repetition. In education, the overall move is vice versa, where by repeating elements of teaching and learning, complexity turns into simplicity, as simple as that!

Solving problems and creating new concepts are complicated in any design project either at education level or professional scale. Throughout the design process by repeating the whole elements of the process like market research, idea generation, user involvement, prototyping, testing and evaluating, we shifting from complexity to simplicity, which in this case is final creative design.

* To see more of this from author please click here.

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