Teaching by Using Chess Model

Well, I am not a fan of chess! In fact, I do not like it! To be honest with you, I hate chess! Having said that, I like the strategy behind it and the foresight you need to move forward. Fine, fair enough! But, how do I want to interpret teaching by using chess model?

So, chess playing reminds me teaching preparation. To win a chess game, you need plan and strategy to follow. It would be so rare to win a game if no plan is in place or no anti-attacking strategy is in mind.

Let’s look at teaching; to assist students to reach course outlines, you need to plan and be prepared for unexpected situations. The more you prepare, the more you succeed.

For example, a professor in a typical Design program may considers the following components in his/her course contents: Description, Outlines, Objectives, Evaluation tools and Rubrics. This to me look like chess pieces: King, Queen, Rooks, Bishop, Knight and Pawn. They should be carefully and thoughtfully moved and played to the ultimate goal. The professor resonances the role of a chess player! S/he must know what to do, what to present, what to predict, how to react and etc. Contextualizing the situations brings sensible analogies to the fore. That’s what I call: Teaching by Using Chess Model.

Ultimately, I would like to mention the featured photo is a Jpeg version of a 3D model of an Art Deco* Chess Set, modeled and rendered in MAYA software. A work I did in April 2018.

* Art Deco is a style of visual arts, architecture and design that first appeared in France just before World War I.

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