The Secret of The Teamwork!

Whatever you do, teamwork can help. Either an educator or a designer, always stick to this idea. What makes a task excellent is through teamwork. The energy, the feedback, the support and even the pressure you are going to experience, would be much easier to bear if breaks down into pieces by member of a team. Volleyball game, has always been an excellent example of teamwork for me. In volleyball, you can never be a winner, if only rely on one player. The whole team must perform well to succeed. While seeds of happiness and joy are scattered, the heavy load of loses and sadness are distributed, too.

I do believe that teaching is a good example of group game like volleyball and a true manifestation of teamwork. No learning happens in vacuum and both parties should collaborate to achieve goals.

Click the link below and see images of superb volleyball players in a short video then think about this: The secret of teamwork!

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